četvrtak, 9. rujna 2021.

The Universal Tango Embrace

People are connected by movement and stories.   
Creating and sharing.   
Movement and stories.   

A familiar movement and story,  
can be experienced in a different way.  
Like a child being read,   
the same... bedtime story.   
The familiar calms it down.   

It opens its eyes...   
Experiencing again the movement, the story ….  
In a different way …, noticing new details.  

Walking, tactile surfaces, stories...   
Dormant senses awoken by tango.   
Tango argentino.   
The one embracing cultures and habits.  

Does not hug. Does not hold tight.   
The one that does not ask where are you from and who you are.   
The one that is not a search.   

Representing a search to us.  
The search we think keeps us alive.   
Him - Tango - and exactly that tango argentino is inner and outer balance.  
The coexistence of being. Without anticipation in expectation. A mirror …  
✍ Jelena Somogyi
Translation by Vlatka Mitrović


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