utorak, 4. svibnja 2021.

The unbearable lightness of tango being

A state of flow and spirituality. Comfortable movement. Repetition. Wish.   

Physical and mental being. Stimulated through Tango. Movement, music and poetry.  

Inner and outer balance. Strength, Tango Argentino. 

Balance with oneself and you and argentine tango. We share and achieve communication. 

A movement shown through story, poem, prose and novel. A travel guide through existing and newly created worlds.

A meeting in and with 0 points. Grounding, static plus and minus. Plus. 

Exit from template. Creativity and freedom… Captivity? 

Presence and awareness. Meditation? No!  

The presence of me, you and Tango Argentino.

WITH MYSELF OTHERS AND TANGO ARGENTINO. A language known since birth. 

A language known since birth. 

Am I not or am I? Presence and acceptance. Free space. Spirituality and consciousness. A door open to acceptance and acknowledgement. Presence, Tango Argentino. 

Endless possibility. Disappeared because of fear and insecurity. Lack of emotional support. 

The core of being with oneself and another person and Tango Argentino. Free space. Nurturing the wealth of inner and outer balance. 

Dreaming, imagining, thinking and creating movement is the source of endless creativity.  “What is the problem?“, NO: “Where is the opportunity for development?“, YES. 

Identity is my own self, undefined and endless. Label, limitation. Open attitude, discovery. A step forward. Inner and outer balance. Tango Argentino.

Do not be afraid of contact with the surface you are moving on. The invisible and subtle uplift the visible and tangible. Accept and try to understand the paradox, contradiction and ambiguity. Insecurity is the womb of creativity. 

Consciousness. The flow of energy and information in a being, relationships and worlds. Raising awareness, the current moment. Joy. The basis of love, compassion and healing. A wish to let go of suffering. Creation and life.  

Be your own best friend. Forgive yourself. Stop judging and limiting yourself. Intuition. Listen to your body, mind, balance when resting and during movement.  Positive answer. Communication.


The essence of being. Crammed into a body or a period in life – one hour, event, milonga? NO!!! 

Emotional intelligence. Starts without the need to label or evaluate. True tango.

The reality is rooted in the essence of a being. Hearing and listening, observation. 0 point. Relaxation, discovery and stability.

By Jelena Somogyi 

You can watch the video of the tango song on link.

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